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Welcome to Puzzle Tours, the private tours agency created to make your stay in Moscow special & comfortable. Our guides who speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese will do their best to make your trip unforgettable! Our main principles are hospitality, flexibility, honesty and friendliness.

Are you planning to visit Moscow as a tourist? Or coming here on a business trip?

Whatever your plan is, we are ready to help you. First of all we provide private guided tours. All of them are unique and truly exciting. We would love to help you explore our beloved city!

What is more, we help tourists and other Moscow visitors to feel comfortable while finding places, going to meetings, having lunch etc. We call this service Life Vest as for most foreigners it is crucial to have a local by their side to find their way in such a huge megalopolis. Yes, we have to admit that most Russians don’t speak foreign languages at all. It’s a problem. But not for you! Because we will assist you and help you to feel comfortable.

Still puzzled? Here are some of our advantages:
We want you to get the best impression of Moscow

Our guides are not only knowledgeable, but also active, friendly, easy-going and ready to help you.

Individual approach

We have created tours for you, but you can modify them and even make your own one. Even if you are on a business trip in Moscow, one of our team members can assist you as an interpreter or just help you not to get lost. Think it over!

You don’t need to speak English or Russian

Choose your language at no additional costs.

It doesn’t matter how long you are going to stay

We can accompany you as many hours/days/weeks as you want.

Your personal guide

will pick you up whenever and wherever you want (at the airport, hotel etc.).

We guarantee you the best price

Up to 3 individuals go for the same price! Children under 12 years go for FREE.

Most of our tours are pedestrian

But you may book a car/minivan as an additional service.

Book your trip

in advance or just couple of days before.

We are ready to help you

with advice of good restaurants, shows, low-cost hotels etc. for FREE and even with your visa invitation.

Book your trip here! Or just contact us and we will help you plan your stay.


Here you will find some interesting itineraries, carefully prepared for you. For your convenience they are divided into two groups – One Day Tours and Half Day Tours. Choosing more than one tour you will be enjoying special discounts! Read more in the prices section.

Of course, you might have some preferences that we would like to take into consideration. That is why we have also chosen some extra sights, listed separately. Even if you dream to visit a particular place (or several ones) which is not on the list, feel free to contact us. We are ready to create a special tour for you at no additional cost.


Our rates are fixed in Russian roubles. Though for your convenience the prices below are also indicated in euro and US dollars.

Choose the way of payment that is convenient for you:

You may easily pay by card at the end of the booking process or after contacting us. The transaction will be done in your currency according to the exchange rates on the day of payment. Remember that we do not have any cancellation fees. Once your plans are changed, you will get your money back.

This type of payment is done right before the start of your tour. If you prefer paying cash, you will have to exchange the needed amount beforehand.



We offer you to combine two Half Day Tours and pay One Day Tour’s rate.

If you stay with us more than one day, you will get a 10% discount starting from the second day.


We kindly ask you to fill in the following form. If you are sure of your choice you may pay right after filling in all the details of your future trip. Or you may just send us this information by pressing the BOOK button below. And we will contact you shortly.

Anyway the additional options are to be paid after the e-mail confirmation of your booking or upon arrival. By marking them now you will just let us know which additional services you would like to have.

Thank you for choosing Puzzle Tours!

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Moscow Travel Tips

What do you know about Moscow? What is it for you? A remote cold place or a cultural hub for adventurers? A rich glamour city or a “wild east”?

Whatever it is, you have decided to come and see for yourself! Great idea! We will help you to have a lifetime experience in Moscow exploring its unique character and beauty and at the same time make your stay as easy as it can be. Here are some tips that might be useful while planning your visit and packing your things.

Welcome to Moscow!

Visa-free travel is only possible for the citizens of CIS republics, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Serbia (who still need an invitation). There’s nothing special about obtaining your visa, but you’d better start preparing it 2-3 months in advance. If you don’t want to pay fees to travel agencies, you should do the following:

— Get a visa invitation.

— Complete the official application form.

— Bring all that along with your passport and two photos to the consulate to get a visa.

Once you obtained the Russian visa and arrived to Moscow you will have 7 business days to register your visa. Your hotel, or the landlord of the apartment you are staying in, or the agency that issued your visa support will usually do the registration for you. The charges are normally from 5 to 30 euro.

Take and put on warm clothes! No matter which season you are going to come, the weather is unpredictable! Well-chosen clothes will make your sightseeing much more comfortable.
If you plan to visit any Orthodox churches or cathedrals while in Moscow, pay attention to what you put on as well. Dress requirements for Orthodox churches include covered legs and shoulders. Women should have their head covered and men must take off hats.

Do not forget to bring some stylish things as well, especially if you are going to visit expensive restaurants or clubs. Some of them have "face control" and they won't let you in if you look untidy or unfashionable.

What is more, Russians have a tradition to dress up when going out to theatres and concert halls. Of course, you will anyway be let in if you have a ticket, but can catch some disapproving glances wearing flip-flops.

Most hotels in Moscow are expensive. If you are not ready to spend a fortune on your accommodation, consider choosing a hostel or a budget hotel. They are usually very well situated, clean, cozy and 5 (or sometimes 10) times cheaper than hotels. By the way, we always recommend to choose Courtyard by Marriott Moscow City Center situated just 10 minutes away from the Kremlin, as it usually offers very reasonable rates. Some people who stay in Moscow for a long time choose hostels instead of renting an apartment as it is a good option if you want to stay in a city center. So think about it!p>

By the way, don’t forget that Moscow is a really big city, so we highly recommend staying in the city center if you do not want to spend half a day in the underground or in a traffic jam.

We recommend you to use metro. You won’t get stuck in traffic jams and will have a chance to enjoy the most beautiful underground in the world. Moscow metro is cheap, clean, fast and some of the stations are breathtaking. Remember, in most cases it is forbidden to take pictures there as some stations are still considered as military objects. Some tourists still take photos, but very often the police ask them to stop. If you are lost in the underground, you can find an interactive map in the middle of each station. If you press the button underneath, you will be connected to the operator who will help you to find your way.

At night you may travel by taxi, but please be careful. Taxi drivers on the streets may double or triple the normal rates for tourists. Ask people at your hotel/hostel, your guide or someone who speaks Russian to call a taxi for you.

On your way from/to the airport it is better to use Aeroexpress. It is the fastest and cheapest way to get to the city centre. Each airport has its own Aeroexpress. You can get from Belorusskaya station to Sheremetyevo, from Paveletskaya station to Domodedovo, from Kievskaya station to Vnukovo in just 30 minutes. If you are afraid to get lost, ask your guide (or someone else) to meet or accompany you.

A great advantage of our food industry is that you can eat out 24 hours. Even in the middle of the night you can easily find an open restaurant and have your meal. Most of the supermarkets are open round the clock as well, but keep in mind that it is forbidden to buy alcohol after 11 pm.

Russian cuisine has a lot of original and tasty dishes that will warm you up (if you travel in winter) and give you enough strength to explore the city. You should definitely try Borsch, a famous meat and beetroot soup, and Pelmeni (meetballs covered in pastry). But believe it or not finding Russian traditional food is a challenge in the capital of Russia! Japanese and Italian cuisines are much more popular here. So, you will have to go to special Russian restaurants. Such cuisines as Ukrainian and Georgian must also be tried. Their dishes are very popular among Russians and have even become an important part of our cooking traditions.

Generally, expect to pay at least 20-30 euro for a quality meal. But you may also find cheap places that will help you take your hunger away for 10-15 euro.

Tips in restaurants are not obligatory but are always welcome. They are usually about 10 per cent as in the majority of European countries. They are usually left on the table or in a special file after paying the bill.

The official Russian currency is rouble. One rouble consists of 100 kopecks. The exchange rate is about 62 roubles to 1 US dollar, 72 roubles to 1 euro, and about 83 roubles to 1 pound sterling. It's not legal to use foreign currencies in Russia. That is why it is better to exchange some money beforehand.

At the arrival we recommend you to have some cash (about 300-400 euro) for your initial expenses such as transport, accommodation, food as well as some souvenirs or tips. The remaining is better to keep on your credit card. VISA and Mastercard are accepted almost everywhere.

As in any big city, watch out for pickpockets, especially in crowded public places.

The Russian police have the right to stop anyone for an ID check. You must have at least a photocopy of your passport along with your plane tickets with you at all times.

We hope that your stay will be safe. But in case of any emergency please call 112. It is free of charge to call it from landlines, public telephones and mobile telephones. English is not usually spoken by these services, so the help of a Russian speaker may be required.

24 hour pharmacies as well as supermarkets can be found everywhere. So if suddenly you need to buy something, remember that Moscow never sleeps.

Most Russians don’t speak foreign languages. So if you want your stay to be comfortable, you have three options:

— Learn Russian and feel yourself like a duck to water.

— Be as expressive as you can, speak with your gestures and mimicry.

— Have your personal guide or assistant who will make your stay interesting and comfortable.

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